Join us on Wednesday, March 11. Dinner is at 6:00 pm and service is at 7:00 pm

This Lent, we will use the metaphor of eyesight to examine how the various people in Mark’s Gospel viewed Jesus during His Passion. In most cases, they misunderstood who He was and what He was doing; then again, sometimes by faith people did recognize Him correctly.

We have these forty days of Lent in which we may look within ourselves as people of faith in our day. How are we like or unlike the people who saw Jesus in the flesh? Most important, as we gather for worship, we will see what Jesus has done to save us from our sins by His holy, precious blood and innocent sufferings and death.

Today, we see in Gethsemane that Jesus’ inner circle—Peter, James, and John—cannot keep their eyes open to watch and pray with Him for even an hour. How awake have we been, lest we fall prey to temptation? Why does Jesus agree that His Father’s will be done?