Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Acts 2:14a, 22-36 John 8: 48-59, The Holy Trinity, June 16, 2019 ************************************************************ On this day, in the church’s liturgical calendar, we set aside to commemorate with praise and contemplation of the Holy Trinity. Today is dedicated to a doctrine, and, as such, it is unique. Normally our feast and festival […]

His Job Description

His Job Description, Acts 2:1–21, The Day of Pentecost, June 9, 2019 ************************************************************ Well, it’s finally here, the biggest festival day in the church year, after Christmas and Easter of course, and maybe after Ascension and Jesus’ Baptism, maybe after Reformation Sunday, we are Lutherans after all. And yes next Sunday is Trinity Sunday, that’s pretty […]

Are You Matthias

Are You Matthias?, Acts 1:12-26, Seventh Sunday of Easter, June 2, 2019 ************************************************************ What about Matthias? What’s the big deal about him? We only hear about him once in the Bible, right? According to our text in Acts, he was the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot, following Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, and Judas’ subsequent death. […]

Let’s Meet Lydia

Let’s Meet Lydia, Acts 16:9–15, Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 26, 2019 ************************************************************ Martin Luther said God is the one who opens and shuts doors for His Gospel, to move as a “summer rain”, to create saving faith, “where and when he wills”. We hear of that opportunity today, in the story of Lydia’s conversion. He […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Acts 11:1-18, Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 19, 2019 ************************************************************ If you pick up the latest edition of Concordia Seminary Magazine you’ll read that pastoral formation goes beyond the nearly 40 classes offered in the Master of Divinity, or other residential formation programs. Just as when you visit your medical doctor, […]

God’s Great Rescue Plan

God’s Great Rescue Plan, Revelation 7:9-17, Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 12, 2019 ************************************************************ Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, this morning. On this Mother’s Day I can’t help but think all the kids in foster care that, for all practical purposes, have never know what it’s like to have a real mother. I think […]

Conversion of Vinnie

Conversion of Vinnie, Acts 9:1-22, Third Sunday of Easter, May 5, 2019 ************************************************************ Vinnie was one bad dude. It was well known that when the mob wanted someone to “disappear”, Vinnie was their man. One of the most high profile cases, that was still largely unsolved, was the violent death of the FBI agent known as […]

Hogan’s Heroes or Jesus’ Heroes

Hogan’s Heroes or Jesus’ Heroes, Acts 5:12-28, Second Sunday of Easter, April 28, 2019 ************************************************************ Hogan’s Heroes was an American television sitcom set in a German prisoner of war camp during World War II. It ran for 168 episodes from September 17, 1965, to April 4, 1971. Bob Crane starred as Colonel Hogan, coordinating an international […]

The Greatest Event of All Time

The Greatest Event of All Time, 1 Corinthians 15:19-26/Luke 24:1-12, The Resurrection of our Lord, April 21, 2019 ************************************************************ Easter! The greatest day of the year because it celebrates the greatest event of all time! The entire Christian religion is based on our Lord’s resurrection from the dead, and it is an inexhaustible source for doctrine, […]

Life Without Easter

Life without Easter, 1 Corinthians 15:35-57/John 20:1-18, Easter Sunrise, April 21, 2019 ************************************************************ Easter Sunday! Even more than Christmas, today represents the heart of Christianity. It’s easy to lose sight of Christmas as a Christian celebration because of all the hoopla that surrounds it. I know there are distractions at Easter also (like… get more Easter […]